How to Install Stylish Dark Theme for Linux Mint + Reviews

Download and Install Stylish Dark Theme for Linux Mint. If you love dark themes for your Linux, this is the best desktop theme choice for Linux. Read here how to install Stylish Dark themes on Linux Mint.

Stylish Dark theme is inspired by the dark standard theme form of WPS Office which offers you to modernize and refresh your desktop by providing a choice of three options.

The theme is fully integrated and tested on many popular desktops, including Cinnamon, Mate, Xfce. It was developed for the combination with most desktop environments on GTK2/3 from the box.

The Change Log:
2014/12/08 v0.1
The first version
2014/12/13 v0.2
Add green and Orange version
2015/02/07 v0.3
Add support for gtk3.14 desktops (ubuntu15.04, gnome3.14 …)
2015/02/08 v0.4
Fixed bugs:
1. Can’t see wallpaper on gtk3.14 desktop.
2. The windows control button preview color is white.
3. Black background on ubuntu14.04 windows.
2015/03/21 v0.5
Change the style of menu-bar
FIxed bug: No background of ubuntu force quit window.
Auto update
2015/11/03 v0.6
Support for gtk3.16 desktops(ubuntu15.10,gnome3.16…)

Below is the Stylish Dark theme preview on Linux Mint with Moka icon theme.

stylish dark theme linux stylish global dark theme for linux stylish google dark theme linux

How to Download & Install Stylish Dark Theme on Linux Mint:

Please add PPA from Linux Terminal to download and install Stylish Dark Theme for your Linux Mint. Open Terminal and type:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/themes
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install stylishdark-theme

How to Change Theme to Stylish Dark Theme on Linux Mint

After installation using Terminal such as above, now you can implement that desktop theme by clicking Start Menu >> Preferences >> System Settings >> Theme

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On Window Borders, and Controls select the “StylishDark-wps”.. Done! You’re now have Stylish Dark theme implemented on your Linux Mint system.

stylish dark theme for linux mint

Stylish Dark Desktop Theme Review for Linux

His is very nice and good looking desktop theme for Linux, almost perfect and elegant theme. Especially like how you deal with the squares behind icons in the launcher (appear if active) and the application switcher (alt+tab).

Stylish Dark themes is pretty much because it is included three different colour schemes so you can choose as you want.