How to Install VokoscreenNG Linux Screen Recorder

How to install VokoscreenNG on ubuntu linux as a video recorder or an application to record video on linux (this can also work for Windows). The video recording software in Ubuntu is quite reliable and easy to use for recording screen displays, besides that the size of the resulting video is also small but the quality is still good.

VokoscreenNG Ubuntu Screen Recorder

VokoscreenNG is a desktop recorder with a number of features that make it ideal for home or everyday use. VokoscreenNG can record video and audio, has a zoom function, and is compatible with computers. Additionally, the app features a USB connector, wifi connectivity, and a microphone. VokoscreenNG is an excellent screen recording application.

Install VokoscreenNG on Linux as screen caster or desktop recorder

VokoscreenNG is a trustworthy screen casting application accessible in 41 languages for capturing entire screens, regions, or windows (Linux only). Additionally, audio recording from numerous sources is supported. With the help of the built-in camera, you may create more vibrant videos. Other tools such as systray, magnification, countdown, timer, and showclick, which displays the cursor position, will assist you in doing great job.

VokoscreenNG Facilities

Inspite of using SimpleScreenRecorder, you can use VokoscreenNG. Desktop recording software is the best way to record audio and video from your computer. It’s also a great way to record your own voice and other sounds. If you’re recording from a desktop computer, you can easily record video from your desktop computer to a USB drive or digital camera memory card. First you need to download a video recording program. There are many free video recording programs available, such as this VokoscreenNG.

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You can use the desktop recorder for Linux to record voice, meeting events, and other video type on your desktop such as VideoscreenNG with the following facilities:

  • The program offers a systray icon to start or stop recording.
  • There are video options for recordings such as mkv, avi, mp4.
  • Can use counter to take video,
  • External audio sources can also be recorded.

Install VokoscreenNG on Ubuntu Linux

VokoscreenNG is under active development and has a DEB package or can be used on Ubuntu, MX Linux, Linux Mint, Debian and derivatives distributions. This makes VokoscreenNG contained in the repository, please install it using a software manager or the like. Or directly through the Terminal by typing the following command:

sudo apt install vokoscreenNG

How to run this application after the installation process is complete is from the Start Menu >> Multimedia >> VokoscreenNG

Uninstall VokoscreenNG

Meanwhile, to delete this application we can write in Terminal:

sudo apt remove vokoscreenNG

Review VokoscreenNG

Based on our experience with VokoscreenNG, we can say that it is a user-friendly tool for creating screencasts or video recorders that can capture videos from a variety of sources, including webcams, external cameras, and computer screens. This graphic program may produce instructional videos, live recordings of browser navigation, installation tutorials, as well as record video conferences.