How to Install Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux with Crossover

This is my experience installing Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux MX 21 without PlayOnLinux, or VirtualBox, but using Crossover. MS Office 2010 is the most stable version of Microsoft’s top office products compatible with Crossover. Meanwhile, Microsoft Office 2007 is the most stable application while using PlayOnLinux. How to install Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux.

What Exactly Is Microsoft Office?

MS Office 2010 for Linux is the most reliable version despite the fact that Office 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 are in the process of being released. For a seamless crossover, utilize the 2010 version.

Microsoft office is a suite of applications that enables users to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. As stated previously, there are numerous versions of Microsoft Office to pick from, each with its own features tailored to individual requirements. Microsoft’s Office apps are the most popular office suites and the most extensively used office software in the world.

This is the experience of how to install Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux MX 21 without virtualbox without playonlinux but using Crossover. MS Office 2010 is the most stable version of the best office applications from Microsoft to install on Crossover. Meanwhile, if you use PlayOnLinux, the most stable is Microsoft Office 2007. Here is how to install MS Office 2010 on Linux.

What Is Microsoft Office

MS Office 2010 on Linux is the most stable version running on Linux considering that there are currently new variants emerging, namely Office 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. Well, for a smooth crossover, use the 2010 version.

Microsoft office is a software program that allows people to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. There are many different versions of office to choose from as noted above, each with its own features that cater to specific needs. Office applications from Microsoft are the most popular office suites in the world and the most widely used office software worldwide.

Running Windows Apps on Linux

Can Windows software be run on Linux? No, there is no need!

There are numerous advantages to running Windows programs on Linux. One of the most significant advantages is that you may use the software on Linux without worrying about Windows compatibility. For instance, if you use software such as Microsoft Office, Linux cannot operate unless you use one of three alternatives: the free PlayOnLinux, the expensive Crossover, or the free VirtualBox.

Crossover provides the best compatibility support of the three choices described, as it is a subscription service that allows you to install the extremely stable version of Office 2010 on Linux. PlayOnLinux is only stable with the 2007 edition of Microsoft Office, whereas VirtualBox can install even the most recent version of the Microsoft Office suite. However, it should be warned that using VirtualBox will increase CPU and RAM usage, or be considered heavy.

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What exactly is Crossover?

Crossover is an application made by that can run Windows applications on Linux and Mac OS without installing a virtual machine because the application is run through a bottle. Bottle is an emulation of an operating system that can be placed on any application. Therefore, you can run Windows software on Linux without dual booting.

In this instance, we utilize Crossover to install Microsoft Office 2010 on Linux with Windows XP as the default bottle. Before examining how to install Office on Linux, let’s examine how to install Crossover.

Cara Install Crossover Linux

Crossover on Linux can be installed by downloading from the official Crossover website , and because the installer is a DEB file, it can be installed by double clicking on the file name, or if via Terminal just type the command sudo dpkg -i filename.deb (make sure filename.deb replaced with the name of the downloaded file).

How to Activate Linux Crossover

As previously mentioned that this app is paid, but we are satisfied with Crossover performance. For the purchase price of a 1-year subscription is around USD 20.95. But we have a Crossover coupon so the price after discount is USD 15.71 and can be paid via PayPal or credit card.

After registering using your email and password, and making a payment on the website, you will be able to activate Crossover by logging in using the same user email and password to activate the Crossover application on Linux.

How to Install Office 2010 on Linux

There are several things that must be prepared to install Office 2010 on Linux, namely as follows:

  1. Already installed Crossover (if not already installed, please go to the crossover installation section on linux previously available above)
  2. Have an installer either in the form of ISO or zip for Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus 32 bit. To activate office 2010 you can find the activation key on the internet or the orange or green marketplace.

When the stage of preparation has been completed, we will continue to install Microsoft Office 2010 in the following way:

  1. Open Crossover, click the Tools menu >> Install Software… (or also via the “ Install Windows Software ” button at the bottom of the Crossover application window), the “ Crossover Software Installer ” window will appear.
  2. On the Select Application tab , type the name of the application you want to install, in the example case here we type office 2010 then exit below it and please select Microsoft Office 2010.
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If you have clicked on the name of the application you want to install, then Crossover will display the rating from its users to what extent Windows software performance can run on Linux. Until this stage Crossover will detect the application you want to install by providing a bottle automatically, namely Windows XP 32bit, so use only the 32-bit version of Office 2010 applications. This is an example of when you select Microsoft Office 2010 in the image shown by arrow number 3 above:

Crossover window for Linux
Crossover window for Linux
  1. On the Select Installer tab , select setup.exe for the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office 2010 (please download this yourself because there are many available on the internet). Click Continue to continue and wait until the bottle making process is complete, the next Microsoft Office 2010 installer window will appear as in Windows. Please install to completion.
  2. If the installation process is successful, there will be an installed Office 2010 application appearing in the Crossover application. To run it can be from Crossover or it can be from the Start Menu.
Crossover window for Linux
Crossover window for Linux

Install Office 2010 SP 2

To install the Microsoft Office 2010 service pack 2 version on Linux, you can do it the same way, namely click the “Install Windows Software…” button and select office 2010 service pack 2 directly. Later the crossover will download the office 2010 sp2 updater file automatically and install it automatically for you.

Activation of Office 2010 in Crossover

If you choose the right path, you can use the office 2010 professional plus license key available in the marketplace, or you can also look for it yourself on the internet. Enter the license key in Office 2010 and office will connect to the server for automatic activation. Done and this is what our Office 2010 looks like after a complete installation with a screenshot of the system in use:

Microsoft Office Activation on Linux Crossover
Microsoft Office Activation on Linux Crossover

Review Microsoft Office 2010 di Linux

Are there any problems running Microsoft Office 2010 applications on Linux? We said no. All went well without the slightest lag, we think the user experience on Linux is the same as the user experience on Windows for this 2010 office. The most stable version in Crossover based on other user reviews is superior to the office version after it. It is possible that later Crossover will support a higher office version than this.

When you first run (first run) Office Word is also light as in Windows. But there is one thing that bothers us, namely the Crossover menu category that doesn’t want to join the others, so Crossover creates its own category, but we can outsmart this by editing the Crossover category to another category and it works. Thank you and share it with others, hopefully it’s useful!