IGLO for GIMP to Create Photo Collage Grid for Linux GUI

IGLO – Images Grid LayOut. IGLO for GIMP to Create Photo Collage Grid for Linux GUI mode. GLO is a Gimp script which merges multiple images to another one with grid layout. You can use it for printing multiple photos on single paper, creating posters, wallpaper, CD/DVD covers, etc.

You can duplicate images in final grid to print visit-card, etc. Script uses as many as possible opened images according defined grid cell count. Size of grid cell, count of grid cell, count of rows and columns are calculated automatically, or defined by user settings.

How to Install & Use IGLO for GIMP to Create Photo Collage Grid

  1. Install Gimp – IGLO is tested with version 2.8
  2. Download and extract archive. Place script in your ~/.gimp-2.8/scripts, or [gimphome]/share/gimp/2.0/scripts/
  3. Run Gimp and open your images for printing
  4. Run script from main Gimp menu: Tools >> Images Grid Layout (at least one image must be loaded!)
  5. Set your specific settings in opened dialog, or let it default and click OK
  6. Print created image

Script settings

  1. size of new image from standard paper sizes or set manually width and height in pixels, millimeters or inches
  2. size of paper margin – empty space around paper
  3. user defined maximum size of images on the paper(size of place for image in the grid)
  4. minimal distance between grid cells
  5. units for size values
  6. DPI of new image
  7. repeat every single source image x-times on final paper
  8. count of rows and columns in grid of images (size of grid sell will be calculated and images will be automatically scaled)
  9. positioning strategy – snap image to paper edge, or center image in the grid cell
  10. automatic image rotation for best orientation in grid cell
  11. automatic change of image aspect ratio to grid cell aspect ratio
  12. repeat last image to fill empty cells
  13. flatten visible layers in new image (you can do additional changes to arranged images, if you uncheck the setting [for example: you can hide some layer with image to print grid without it])
  14. color of foreground (color of empty grid cell) color of background (color of paper, IOW: color of space between grid cells) 
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Review of IGLO for GIMP to Create Grid Photo Collage

IGLO – Images Grid LayOut – Script merges multiple images to another one with grid layout. Just a tiny word of caution with IGLO. It is an old script that goes back to Gimp 2.2 although the latest version from 2009 changelog fixes some gimp 2.6 bugs.

If you search back, (usenet? comp.graphics.apps.gimp?) there were the occasional reports of multi-layer .xcf images made with IGLO being corrupt. From memory (getting old, none-too-reliable) this was about images made in gimp 2.4 and failing in Gimp 2.6

If you use common sense and keep the source images safe, I think there is no problem with Gimp 2.8. Just be careful. For instant photo collage generator you can also use PhotoCollage program.