How to Compress / Resize jpg Images Ubuntu Using Squoosh

How to compress / resize jpg images ubuntu using Squoosh Desktop? Squoosh is an application which can compresses images / photos on Linux Mint or Ubuntu derivatives. If you have a large image file and want to reduce the image size without changing the resolution then this application can do the best for you.

Most things on the internet today are visual, so it’s always important to keep them optimized. Fortunately, using online tools like Squoosh Desktop, anyone can quickly and easily compress JPEG files without losing any of their quality. In this guide, we will take a look at how you can get started with this free tool.

What is Squooh

Squoosh is a desktop and cloud application that compresses images in Linux. It is easy to use and has a simple interface. Squoosh works by analyzing the image and removing any unnecessary white space, which reduces the file size. This allows users to send and store images on their computers easily.

Squoosh is a free program that you can use to compress your images on Linux. It is easy to install and simple to use. In this article, we will show you how to install Squoosh in Ubuntu 20.04 and derivatives.

How does Squoosh work?

Squoosh is a desktop app that can reduce the size of an image. It can also create high-quality watermarks or signatures. Squoosh was created by Bill May, a blogger, speaker and author of “The Happiness Project”. It is a cross-platform application that can be used on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and other systems with Java.

A photo which is produced by a high-resolution digital camera or smartphone maybe have large in size. A photo is said to be relatively large in size because it is according to its designation. For example, if you want to place the photo on a website or place it in PowerPoint, the size must be a maximum of 110 KB with the aim of a fast website speed, and a small ppt file size.

Now for this purpose and compress photos for other purposes, this application is used. To make it easier to read, follow the following writing systematic:

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Pro and Cons using Squoosh

Squoosh is an application to compress the image size on Linux, Mac, and Windows, this software can also resize or reduce the size of the height width as well. With the slogan “ Squoosh your images to get the best out of it ”, it is appropriate if you are looking for a Linux application that can compress images easily in a GUI.

Pros & Features of Squoosh

  • Easy image manipulation: can optimize, resize pixels and sizes, compress and convert images to other formats.
  • Best image quality: Squoosh produces output with the best possible image quality.
  • Offline: This application does not require an internet connection to convert images.
  • Interesting interface: just by dragging and dropping image files into the Squoosh application you can compress pictures.
  • Free: this application is open source in the sense that you can use it, distribute it and also modify it for development
  • Multi OS: Squoosh can run on Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems

Downloading and installing Squoosh

There are two versions of Squoosh, namely a desktop version and a web version that runs online. The desktop version can be installed on Linux with the following steps:

  1. Download the Squoosh application via the official website
  2. Select the Linux operating system, and select DEB for easy installation on Linux Mint and Ubuntu (AppImage itself is a portable application on Linux)
  3. If you have got the file, please double click and “Install Package” to process the installation. Wait until the installation process is complete.
  4. Squoosh can be accessed via the Start menu >> Graphics >> Squoosh Desktop . It looks like the picture above
Squoosh desktop: image compressor for linux

How to Uninstall Squoosh on Linux

The Squoosh compress image application on Linux can work optimally, but if you want to remove this application, it’s quite easy, just type the command in the Linux Terminal command:

sudo apt purge squoosh-desktop-app

Squoosh Compress Image Review on Linux

Squoosh image resizer in Linux become easy. Buddy can shrink images or photos into the desired resolution and or size easily with this one application.

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The advantages of Squoosh are that the UI is light and attractive, and the facilities provided are just a shrink & resize image on Linux. Meanwhile, there are no shortcomings, only the addition of photo editing features such as annotations, shapes, and others is needed.

Benefits of using Squoosh

The Squoosh is a great way to compress your image size. It makes it smaller and easier to manage. The image stays the same quality, but takes up less space on your page. Using the Squoosh is as easy as saving a file and uploading it again. Image Optimization is a great tool for helping your images load faster. You can use it to edit photos or create thumbnails.

How to Use Squoosh

It’s time for us to practice using the Squoosh application to reduce the image file size on Linux, friends! The trick is to open the Squoosh application via the Start menu or through the Terminal by typing squoosh-desktop-app

If the application is already open, please drag & drop the image file into the Squoosh application, then select the compression percentage on the left by moving the slider. The estimated file size will also be seen there, cool isn’t it?

To change the size of the image resolution, my friend simply checks “Resize” then my friend can enter the size of the height (height) and width (width) which will be output later. If everything is done, my friend can save the resulting image by clicking the down arrow in the lower right corner. Save with the desired name. Done! Hopefully this article is useful and share it with other friends!

Alternatives to squoosh desktop

There are a few different software options for compressing image size. One popular option is called squoosh. It is a desktop app that is easy to use and can quickly reduce the size of your images. Squoosh is free for personal use. Another option is TinyPNG and Converseen, which you can use for free on your own website if you don’t mind a watermark on the image