Rapid Photo Downloader – Import Photo From Camera Linux

Rapid Photo Downloader is a Linux software used to Import Photo and Video From digital camera or handy cam also from external media storage in Linux environment. The first step to taking pictures and videos with your digital camera is to have the software and drivers needed to work with your camera.

If you have a camera that is compatible with Linux, you will need to install software and drivers for your camera. If you don’t have Linux, you can still take pictures and videos with your camera by using a third party program. To import images from your camera, you will first need to install a photo editing software. There are many good ones to choose from; you should look for one that has a simple interface and easy to use tools.

The first step is to install the required software. In order to import videos and images from a camera in Linux, the following software is required: Rapid Photo Downloader. This article will guide you how to install Rapid Photo Downloader and review about it.

Import Photo and Video From Camera and Storage in Linux

Rapid Photo Downloader is written by a photographer for professional and amateur photographers. Released under the GNU GPL license, it is designed for use on the Linux Desktop. It can transfer in photos from multiple cameras, memory cards and Portable Storage Devices simultaneously. It provides many options for sub folder creation, image renaming and backup.

Rapid Photo Downloader Features

  1. Generates meaningful, user configurable file and folder names
  2. Imports photos and videos from multiple devices simultaneously
  3. Backs up photos and videos as they are imported
  4. Is carefully optimized to transfer and back up at high speed
  5. Easy to configure and use
  6. Runs under Gnome, KDE and other Linux desktop environments
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Import picture from digital camera

How to Install Rapid Photo Downloader

Way 1: This software can be installed directly from Software Center or you can install it from Terminal by executing these command:

sudo apt-get install rapid-photo-downloader

Way 2: Want to get newer version of this software, install it using Rapid Photo Downloader PPA. Type in your Terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dlynch3/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install rapid-photo-downloader

Wait until installation completed! Now you can open this application after install by clicking Start/Menu >> Graphics >> Rapid Photo Downloader
For many cases, for importing pictures and videos from camera you don’t need to open from Start/Menu, the software will detect your camera and will prompt for you.

Import Picture and Video From Digital Camera in Linux

This is the best application to work with something such as Darktable without a proper photo importer. Rapid Photo Downloader prompt a notification to offer media handling when a camera, phone memory inserted to computer. With this features, you can manage video and picture easily to copy or move it.

With this software you can bring your files from the camera to the computer and renames them – all custom configurable to your taste. Well designed and not over-complicated, works perfectly.

You then need to use rawstudio for developing, gimp for any tweaks, the std file manager for arranging folders, and kb3 for archiving. NOTE: to use the newest version please use PPA above!