Darktable – The Best Photoshop Lightroom for Linux Alternative

Darktable Best Photoshop Lightroom Linux Alternative FREE. Darktable is an Open Source Photography Software –a photo workflow software for Linux source photography workflow application and RAW developer. This guide will show you how to install Darktable as a photography software for linux and its review.

Darktable – Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Linux

Darktable become popular program for photography because have same functionalities which is similiar to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, thus will make Darktable is the best Lightroom equivalent software.

Darktable is an open source photography workflow application and RAW developer. RAW is the unprocessed capture straight from the camera’s sensor to the memory card, nothing has been altered.

There are multiple alternatives in the open source world for RAW development (ufraw, dcraw, rawtherapee) but darktable tries to fill the gap between the excellent existing free raw converters and image management tools (such as e.g. ufraw, rawstudio, f-spot, digikam, shotwell).

It focuses on the workflow to make it easier for the photographer to quickly handle the thousands of images a day of shooting can produce. It’s also one of the very few FOSS projects able to do tethered shooting.

How to Install Darktable in Linux

Darktable can be found on Software Center, so you can install Darktable through Terminal by typing:

sudo apt-get install darktable

You can open Darktable after install by clicking Start/Menu >> Graphics >> Darktable

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Darktable Review – A Photoshop Lightroom Alternative

  1. darktable runs on GNU/Linux / GNOME, Mac OS X / macports and Solaris 11 / GNOME.
  2. Fully non-destructive editing.
  3. All darktable core functions operate on 4×32-bit floating point pixel buffers, enabling SSE instructions for speedups. It offers GPU acceleration via OpenCL (runtime detection and enabling) and has built-in ICC profile support: sRGB, Adobe RGB, XYZ and linear RGB.
  4. A collect module allows you to execute flexible database queries, search your images by tags, image rating (stars), color labels and many more. Filtering and sorting your collections within the base query or simple tagging by related tags are useful tools in your every-day photo workflow.
  5. Import a variety of standard, raw and high dynamic range image formats (e.g. jpg, cr2, hdr, pfm, .. ).
  6. darktable has a zero-latency fullscreen, zoomable user interface through multi-level software caches.
  7. Tethered shooting.
  8. darktable currently comes with 18 translations: Albanian, Catalan, simplified Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian and Thai.
  9. The powerful export system supports Picasa webalbum, flickr upload, disk storage, 1:1 copy, email attachments and can generate a simple html-based web gallery. darktable allows you to export to low dynamic range (JPEG, PNG, TIFF), 16-bit (PPM, TIFF), or linear high dynamic range (PFM, EXR) images.
  10. darktable uses both XMP sidecar files as well as its fast database for saving metadata and processing settings. All Exif data is read and written using libexiv2.
We recommend Darktable to subtitute Photoshop Lightroom. It is powerfull software and more over it is FREE.
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