How to Fix WiFi Problem in Linux Mint (Updated 2023)

Fix WiFi error – Hello friends! Does WiFi not show up after installing Linux? Some of laptop will have this case but very little. First, you can install third party software for graphics and WiFi hardware and additional media formats. If you can connect to the internet using wired adapter then search for Software and Updates.

How to Fix WiFi Problem in Linux Mint. You may have observed that the default ‘network manager’ in Linux Mint fails to reconnect to a dropped Wi-Fi hotspot after prolonged use (e.g. It you are connected to a Wi-Fi hot spot for more than 24 Hrs, and the connection drops for some reason, ‘network manager’ does not reconnect to it and keeps asking for network password and does not connect even after you have supplied the password).

Before going deeper into solution about fix wifi adapter not working in Linux, please make sure you are not blocked with your wifi connection, also please make sure the router is not error please try to connect it using your phone before further assistance.

So the first thing which is one of the most obvious things is make sure your computer is completely up to date so just open up software updater and make sure that you’re on the latest updates there’s a chance that that could have fixed something

Fix WiFi Not Connected on Linux

This happens due to a bug in ‘network manager’ which does not allow the Wi-Fi interface to come up. The solution to this is to dump ‘network manager’ altogether and use ‘wicd’, which is an alternate network utility used to manage LAN and Wi-Fi connections. Follow the following steps for installing ‘wicd’:

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1. Issue the following command at the terminal

sudo apt-get install wicd

Enter user password when prompted. Enter ‘y’ to confirm the installation after required package list is displayed.

How to Fix WiFi Problem in Linux Mint

2. After ‘wicd’ packages have been downloaded

a ‘Package configuration’ wizard will start in the terminal. Press space key to select your username(s) which will be added to the laptop battery ‘netdev’ group. Users of ‘netdev’ group are allowed to run ‘wicd’ client. Press tab key to highlight ‘’ and then press space key.

3. Setup will now be completed

If you get an error saying that battery failed to start the network connection manager ‘wicd’, then you can ignore it at this time as we have to carry out few more steps.

4. Now issue the following command at the terminal

sudo apt-get remove network-manager

Enter user password when prompted. Enter ‘y’ to confirm the removal. Reboot your system when done and I hope this will fix wifi error.

5. After the reboot

you will see a black ‘wicd‘ network icon in the system tray instead of the green ‘network-manager’ network icon.

6. Double click the network icon to open the ‘wicd’ connection manager

Press ‘Refresh’ to view list of available networks. After networks are found, press ‘Properties’ to manage the properties of the network. Click ‘OK’ when done and connect to your Wi-Fi network without any re-connection problems.

Fix WiFi Because Hadrware Error

If you are facing the hardware error, the one and only thing that can fix wifi problem is change the wifi adapter with the new one.

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There really aren’t that many variables in setting up your WiFi. I thought there would be a lot more tricks that I learned but really it comes down to a signal strength. It comes down to distance and how you get your signal through into your different areas in your home. Here’s the one thing that kind of surprised me: I thought that as long as your router was centrally located in your home so it’s kind of equally distanced from all of the different corners that you might want WiFi in, you’re probably okay.