Linux Desktop Weather Widget Indicator – GIS Weather

Linux Desktop Weather Widget Indicator – GIS Weather. GIS Weather is an indicator for weather on your area. This GIS Weather forecast widget for Linux is highly + easily customizable, it displays detailed weather forecast for you. It acts just like conky desktop widget but with this you don’t need to worry about fixing the code in any script, it has super easy weather setup.

You can add more than one location as you want and choose location by right-click + choose to display weather information on the widget. GIS Weather widget Linux allows you to change its appearance (background, icons, text), display on all desktops, lock position to the desktop and more customization can be done from its preferences.

Features of GIS Weather Indicator for Linux

  • View weather for several days
  • Detailed weather forecast for today and tomorrow
  • Fast switching between cities
  • Select the background and theme weather icons
  • “Compass” with the wind direction, with adjustable angle of rotation
  • Highlighting the high wind
  • Supported weather services: &
  • Support SVG and widget scale
  • Indicator to panel
  • Presets

Linux Desktop Weather Widget Indicator - GIS Weather
Linux Desktop Weather Widget Indicator – GIS Weather

How to Install Widget Weather Forecast in Linux

You can install this Linux software for weather widget indicator by downloading the newest version of installer or package via official page of GIS Weather here. Then you need to choose the right side for deb suffix file extension for Linux Mint or Debian. Double click the package to install.

First install you will be asked your location or location you want to display. Please visit the (accuweather weather service),  OR visit (gismeteo weather service) and do search your location. Paste your location ID into the apps. Your software display will be looked like image above. Transparent effect.

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For Ubunutu user, please install the Linux weather apps via PPA from noobslab below :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/appssudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install gis-weather