How to Create QR Code in Ubuntu Linux Offline Using QtQr

QtQr Software to Create QR code in ubuntu and also can read or scan the QR Code under Linux Mint or Ubuntu. This application is used as QR code generator and QR Code scanner in Linux. Read completely these article below it will show you how to install QtQr, how to create QR Code and scan QR Code also review about QtQr.

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned with a device such as a smartphone. They are most commonly used in advertising and marketing. There are many software programs available for creating QR codes from your original document, or from text files, PDFs and images also URL of a website.

QtQr Software to Create and Scan QR Code in Linux

Generate QR Code in linux is easy with this software, if you are here searching for a linux application for creating and decoding QR codes please install QtQR from the install section (you can click the External Downloads link below) or add the PPA to your Ubuntu system.

This is a Qt based software which let’s you generate QR codes easily, scan an image file for QR codes and decode them or use your webcam to scan a printed one. Sound interesting? This is useful for generating URL QR codes, among other things.

How to Install QtQr in Linux Mint and Ubuntu

For Linux Mint and Ubuntu user can install QtQr by executing linux command from Terminal:

sudo apt install qtqr

Wait until install completed! Now you can open QtQr after install from the start menu, as an example by clicking Start/Menu >> Graphics >> QtQr

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Can QtQr Scan QR Code From File of Image?

Actually yes! you can decode or read the QR image in Linux using this QtQr software.

How to Create QR Code in Linux With QtQr

This will demonstrate how to create QR code from URL, so that when someone scan the QR code any application will offer to visit the site. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your QtQr (Start/Menu >> Graphics >> QtQr)
  2. On main window of QtQr, Select data type to URL
  3. Enter URL to be encoded, for example use
  4. For large QR code image, adjust the number of “Pixel Size” to 7 or more
  5. Save the QR code to your computer. Done
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How to Scan QR Code in Linux

Now it is time to scan QR code from generated QR code above. Follow these steps to decode QR code in Linux:

  1. Run your QtQr software, hit Ctrl+O to open QR code file. Or you can drag and drop your QR code image into the software. OR you can also click the “Decode” button then choose “Decode from file”. You can also decode QR Code from web camera if you have printed QR code.
  2. The result is your QtQr software offer to you to visit the website. Done!
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QtQr Review – Linux Application to Generate QR Code

Technology has made it easier for people to carry out their everyday tasks. The qr code generator in ubuntu linux makes it possible to scan a QR code with your phone and get all the information that is encoded onto it. This is a very convenient technology to use, but there are some things you should know before using this technology.What is a QR code? A QR (quick response) code uses matrix imaging and the blocky appearance has made it popular with advertisers because it can hold a lot of information. In fact, the barcode – which is found on all of our products – is a QR code too. QR codes are not hard to create, but there are some things you must know about them before you use them for your business.

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QtQr is  a small and powerful linux program for creating and scanning QR code. You can generate QR code from text, email, URL adress, phone number, sms, wifi network and many more. With single click to generate QR Code is very easy to use. Recommended QR Code creator for Linux!