PyRenamer Best Software to Rename Bulk File in Linux Free

PyRenamer Best Software to Rename Bulk File in Linux Free. pyRenamer is a linux application for mass renaming files even rename only part of the title or file name. This article will guide how to install PyRenamer and review about pyRenamer.

File renaming software download free: pyRenamer can also be used for mp3 file renamer software and image file renamer software which can catch metadata from picture of mp3 file in linux.

PyRenamer Best Software to Rename Bulk File in Linux Free

With pyRenamer you can rename files using patterns, substitutions, insert or delete text, or even rename files manually. You can also rename images using their EXIF tags and music using their internal tags. pyRenamer is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

pyRenamer uses a widget called, which is a tree-like file browser, just like the one on Nautilus side bar.

pyRenamer Features:

  • Patterns to rename files.
  • Search & replace to rename files.
  • Insert and delete character anywhere from file name
  • Capitalization (make upper case file name)
  • Common substitutions.
  • Manually rename selected files.
  • Rename images using their metadata.
  • Rename music using its metadata.
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How to Install pyRenamer – The Best Linux Software for Renaming Mass File

pyRenamer is available on repository, so you can install pyRenamer from Terminal by executing these linux command:

sudo apt-get install pyrenamer

#Manual Install of pyRenamer
PyRenamer also can be installed manually:

  1. Download installer file from Github click here
  2. Extract downloaded file, enter the folder. Ringht click on blank area and select “Open in Terminal”. Then install by executing these command in Terminal:
./configure --prefix /usr
sudo make install

After installation completed, Now you can open pyRenamer after install to mass rename file in linux by clicking Start/Menu >> Accessories >> pyRenamer

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pyRenamer Review for Renaming Bunch File in One Click

pyRenamer is a Gnome application which allows you to rename large numbers of files according to some patterns you choose. The renaming perform really fast, and before the actual renaming, a “preview” step takes place where you can see if the operation is correct.

For users not very familiar with the command line, pyRenamer can be a real savior when it comes to mass file rename. Another Best Software to Rename Bulk File in Linux Free is GPRename, check this out!