OnlyOffice Linux – The Microsoft Office 365 for Ubuntu

OnlyOffice linux is the best office suite designed for Linux, an office application similar to Microsoft Office 365 whose function is to edit words, process words and create presentations on Linux. This software is available in several versions ranging from a desktop version which is provided free of charge, to a paid enterprise which is provided by cloud computing .

Office package applications on Linux, there are some of the best that you can choose, such as the article Collection of 6 Best Office Suite for Linux . And this time I will review OnlyOffice, to make it easier to use the writing systematics as follows:

What is OnlyOffice

OnlyOffice can be defined as an office application package consisting of Document, Spreadsheet, and Presentation. ONLYOFFICE is a collaborative cloud-based and desktop office suite suitable for individuals, small, medium, and large enterprises or enterprises. ONLYOFFICE is distributed in free and paid versions, with a payment policy depending on the selected service.

OnlyOffice is a highly customizable and feature-rich office suite that can help your company create, collaborate, and manage documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

office suite for linux such as microsoft office 365

OnlyOffice Best Office Suite di Linux

This Linux office suite has a user interface similar to Microsoft Office 365 or the online version of Office.

How to Install OnlyOffice on Linux

The steps for installing OnlyOffice on Linux are starting from downloading the DEB package until the installation process is complete as follows:

  1. Download the installer file in DEB format from the official website
  2. Choose the Linux operating system, and just download the DEB format for easy installation. Choose the Debian 8 one because Ubuntu and Mint 20 are derived from Debian 8.
  3. If you have got the DEB installer file, run it by double clicking on the file. Then click “Install Package” wait until the installation process is complete.
  4. To run the application simply from the Start menu >> Office >> ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

How to Uninstall OnlyOffice on Linux

For the process of removing or uninstalling the application, you can do it by opening the Terminal and typing the following command:

sudo apt purge onlyoffice-desktopeditors

Enter the password if prompted and wait for the app removal process to complete.

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Pros & Cons OnlyOffice

The advantages of OnlyOffice best office suite on Linux are as follows:

  • Office suite integration in one application window only with multi tab concept like internet browser
  • Clean and simple interface similar to Microsoft Office 365
  • Cloud computing and desktop versions are available
  • Fast loading, the time to run the application is fairly fast but for mediocre computer resources, OnlyOffice will be a little slow
  • Very intuitive, all commands are easily accessible, menus and icons are very well organized to use.
  • Supports many new features with new addons and tools.
  • Easy to export and fully compatible to send any work to anyone.
  • Supports multiple Languages ​​on the same document, this allows for global collaboration.
  • PDF export made easy and 100% compatible.
  • Reliable Community and Technology Support for cloud version.

While the shortcomings of OnlyOffice are:

  • Compatibility issues with the latest MS Office files
  • Applications sometimes like to freeze
  • Missed some important spreadsheet functions

Review OnlyOffice Best Office Suite Linux

Experience after a month of using the desktop version of OnlyOffice. Like most suites, OnlyOffice will look very familiar to those with experience with Microsoft Office. You can easily edit text and add elements with the ribbon at the top, while the sidebar supports more advanced features like editing embedded chart data and customizing tables.

The interface is well-organized, and the HTML5 web application is very responsive: it really feels like using the program in one window. OnlyOffice supports adding pre-built and custom plugins, which means that if the feature isn’t there, you can create your own. It is compatible with all Office and OpenDocument file types.

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OnlyOffice best office suite supports some of the richest text formatting like Microsoft Office 365. Full page layout options, with margins, custom page sizes and even personalized watermarks. Columns are supported, but they must all be the same size.