How to Install K3B Burner The Nero Alternative for Linux

How to Install K3B Burner The Nero Alternative for Linux. This guide will install how to install K3B CD/DVD burner program in Linux easily with short review about the Linux program.

What is K3B Burner ?

K3B is stand for (KDE Burn Baby Burn) is a Linux software licensed under GNU GPL which can handle related CD/DVD tasks such as copy CD/DVD, burn CD/DVD, burn music file into audio file in CD so that in can be played on most media player.

With K3B you will get these features on your hand:

  1. Data CD/DVD burning
  2. Audio CD burning
  3. CD Text support
  4. DVD-R / DVD+R / DVD-RW / DVD+RW support
  5. CD-R / CD-RW support
  6. Mixed Mode CD (Audio and Data on one disk)
  7. Multisession CD
  8. Video CD / Video DVD authoring
  9. eMovix CD/ eMovix DVD
  10. Disk to Disk CD and DVD copy Disk
  11. Erasing CD-RW/DVD-RW/DVD+RW
  12. ISO image support
  13. Ripping Audio CDs, Video CDs, Video DVDs
  14. And many more

K3B Program Requirements

K3B will run correctly if you meet these dependency:

  • KDE >= 3.2 – KDE is the great window manager, the powerful desktop, the very powerful c++ library K3b is based on, and a lot of programs.
  • QT >= 3.2 KDE 3.2 requires the QT library version 3.2, a cross-platform GUI development toolkit. Since K3b is a threaded application QT needs to be compiled with threading support enabled.
  • cdrecord/mkisofs – Cdrecord creates home-burned CDs with a CD-R/CD-RW recorder.
  • dvd+rw-tools – The DVD+RW-Tools are used to burn and format DVD+R(W) and DVD-R(W) media. To enable all K3b DVD burning features version >= 7.0 is required.
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How to Install K3B Burner The Nero Alternative for Linux

The positive value for this program that it has good interface, more it is FREE. How to install K3B in Linux follow these steps:

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1. Install K3B From Softwrae Center

  • K3B is available on Software Center. For Linux Mint user go to Start Menu >> Administration >> Software Manager
  • Type k3b, double click on serach result and click Install.
  • Finished

2. Install K3B From Terminal

From Linux Terminal you can install K3B by executing these comman:

sudo apt-get install k3b

Wait until installation completed! Now you can open K3B after install by clicking Start Menu >> Administration >> K3B and main window of K3B will appear such as image above!

Review for K3B CD/DVD Burner Program in Linux

If you are looking program such as Nero in Linux then K3B is the solution! K3B is friendly Linux software which become equivalent for Nero Burning Rom in Linux.

This software can burn data, audio file, copy disk, burn iso file and many more in GUI mode as same as Nero Burning Rom. Try to burn ISO file in Linux using K3B CLICK HERE