Mathematical Function Plotter for Linux With KmPlot

Best FREE Mathematical Function Plotter for Linux With KmPlot. How to install KmPlot in Linux, review KmPlot will be explained here. KmPlot is a Linux software to draw cartesian plot, parametric plot, polar plot, implicit plot, and differential plot in Linux.

Mathematical Function Plotter for Linux With KmPlot

KmPlot is a program to draw graphs, their integrals or derivatives. It supports different systems of coordinates like the Cartesian or the polar coordinate system. The graphs can be colorized and the view is scalable, so that you are able to zoom to the level you need.

Features of KmPlot – Linux Application to Plot Math Function

  1. Powerful mathematical parser
  2. Precise metric printing
  3. Different plot types, such as:
    • cartesian
    • parametric
    • polar
    • implicit
    • differential
  1. Highly configurable visual settings (plot line, axes, grid)
  2. Export to bitmap (BMP and PNG) and scalable vector graphics (SVG)
  3. Save/load complete session in readable xml format
  4. Trace mode: cross hair following plot, coordinates shown in the status bar
  5. Support zooming
  6. Ability to draw the 1st and 2nd derivative and the integral of a plot function
  7. Support user defined constants and parameter values
  8. Various tools for plot functions:
    • Find minimum/maximum point
    • Get y-value and draw the area between the function and the y-axis
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Review KmPlot As Mathematical Function Plotter in Linux Software

KmPlot has built in a powerful parser. High precision printouts with correct metric scale are very useful as worksheets in math and science lessons.

It can plot different functions simultaneously and combine their function terms to build new functions. It supports functions with parameters. You can change the parameters by moving a slider and see how the plot will change.

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How to Install KmPlot Cartesian Plotter for Linux

Fortunately, Linux Mint and Ubuntu user can install directly from Terminal by typing :

sudo apt-get install kmplot

Wait until installation complete. Now you can open KmPlot after install by clicking Start/Menu >> Education >> KmPlot. For your example you can draw a math diagram by entering rf(x)=x and see the result as above.

That is Mathematical Function Plotter for Linux With KmPlot as mathematical software in Linux!