Install Gameplay Football 3D Soccer Games for Linux

Install Gameplay Football 3D Soccer Games for Linux. Talking about Linux games in this year many game developer have developed their games for Linux too. If you are looking for a soccer games in Linux with 3D effect you may try Gameplay Football.

That is a good news to all the people that love so much playing football games on windows (fifa/Pro ES), and as you have knew there is no 3D football game on linux that you can play. But that’s seems good now, there is a football game for Linux called Gameplay Football, hope that it will be open sourced if it reach some money.

Download and Install Gameplay Footbal – Linux Soccer Game

For Linux users, you can download the football file before installing. Download it via the link we have provided below. Try to extract the file and run the file the games will appear.

Download Gameplay Football Game for Linux

32 bit and 64 bit
System requirement :
Processor: Any dual core CPU or better
Graphics: OpenGL 3.2 compliant graphics adapter
Gamepad recommended (XBOX USB controllers also supported)

Install Gameplay Football 3D Soccer Games for Linux
Install Gameplay Football 3D Soccer Games for Linux

Games Review Gameplay Football for Linux

This game’s aim is to create a small, approachable game for all ages. You can play against the computer player on your own, team up again the computer with one or more mates or play against mates, by plugging in one or more gamepads. It supports up to 4 controllers (1 keyboard, 3 gamepads).
Overall, the game looks good, but I’d have called it an alpha. Considering what it looks like right now it looks like it will be good game when it’s ready, but that it has a way to go first. Here is a know issue: Seems to crash (on startup/match start) on some setups, please report your mileage in the Gameplay forums!
There is going to be a league mode, where you can play consecutive matches and seasons with your own team, buying and selling players on the transfer market. Then there’s going to be a cup mode where you can set up a tournament and try to win it!
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Ofcourse, there will still be the possibility to just play a single match, like in the public beta!
Why are all the team names/logos and player names scrambled? The game do not own the licenses mandatory to use real names and logo’s, sorry about that! The game is moddable enough though, so I’m sure some people will create community mods/databases! Thank you for reading Install Gameplay Football 3D Soccer Games for Linux! Please share..