ToR Browser, Alternative for Ultrasurf in Linux Free

ToR Browser, Alternative for Ultrasurf in Linux Free. ToR is a linux program to open blocked websites or software to bypass internet connection between you and your destination websites. This will guide you how to open blocked website, how to install ToR Browser, and review about ToR Browser.

ToR Browser, Alternative for Ultrasurf in Linux Free

Tor Browser is a Mozilla Firefox browser based that has been modified to bypass your internet connection. So you can open blocker website and make your IP anonimous. it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location, and it lets you access sites which are blocked.

How to Install Tor Browser – Ultrasurf Alternative for Linux

Tor Browser available in many language and work on Linux, Mac and Windows. It is multi platform browser and can be installed manually. Follow these steps to install:

  1. Open Tor Browser official website, download Tor for Linux
  2. Extract downloaded file, enter extracted folder you will see a file called “start-tor-browser”. Double click this file to open Tor Browser,
  3. Done! This will launch Tor Launcher and once that connects to Tor, it will launch Firefox similiar interface. Do not unpack or run Tor as root.
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Tor Browser Review – Apps to Open Blocked Website

Don’t worry about using Tor Browser because it is only browser which contains Tor, a modified Firefox ESR, Torbutton, TorLauncher, NoScript, and HTTPS-Everywhere.

The Tor network is a group of volunteer-operated servers that allows people to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. Tor’s users employ this network by connecting through a series of virtual tunnels rather than making a direct connection, thus allowing both organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy.

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Along the same line, Tor is an effective censorship circumvention tool, allowing its users to reach otherwise blocked destinations or content. Tor can also be used as a building block for software developers to create new communication tools with built-in privacy features.

Individuals use Tor to keep websites from tracking them and their family members, or to connect to news sites, instant messaging services, or the like when these are blocked by their local Internet providers.

Tor’s hidden services let users publish web sites and other services without needing to reveal the location of the site. Individuals also use Tor for socially sensitive communication: chat rooms and web forums for rape and abuse survivors, or people with illnesses.