How to Install Opera Browser Stable For Ubuntu Linux 2023

Download Opera Browser Stable For Linux v26. After a year and a half ago Opera released version 12.16 for Linux. Today was released for Linux, Mac and Windows called Opera Stable or Opera 26 (based on Chromium 39).

Opera Stable for Linux only provide x64 system architecture based on Ubuntu. It menas that only Ubuntu and Linux Mint that can install this Opera v26. Why it’s only on Ubuntu? The reason can we find on the faq section “To provide the best experience, we focused our initial efforts on what we believe to be the most commonly-used desktop distribution, Ubuntu.”

The FAQ adds that the license permits re-packaging Opera for use on other distributions, so Opera can be packaged or even included in a software repository for other Linux distributions. For those of you who haven’t kept an eye on the Opera development, it’s important to mention that the web browser now uses the Blink engine (since version 15 on Windows), a fork of the WebCore component of WebKit that’s also used in Chrome, and it includes quite a few changes and new features, like:

Download Opera Browser Stable For Linux v26
Download Opera Browser Stable For Linux v26
  • Discover (shows news and other articles in various categories, somewhat like Stumbleupon);
  • graphical bookmarks with sharing support;
  • improved Speed Dial with Coast-style tiles instead of screenshots (this is optional and you can still use the old Speed Dial);
  • integrated PDF viewer;
  • supports Pepper Flash (but it doesn’t come bundled with Opera);
  • tab previews on mouse over (not enabled by default);
  • support for H.264 and MP3 (on Linux, this requires FFmpeg 2.3+);
  • HiDPI support;
  • improved Opera Turbo;
  • more.
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Download Opera 26 stable for Linux Mint / Ubuntu


  • when installing the Opera 26 deb, you’ll be asked if you want to enable the Opera repository, useful for receiving automatic Opera updates;
  • if you had the previous stable Opera installed (12.16), you won’t receive an update – that’s because the old package was called “opera” while the new package is “opera-stable” however, if you have the Opera repository enabled, simply install “opera-stable”.

How to Install The Latest Version of Opera Browser

Opera browser has been added into repository but as we may know the repository is older than Opera browser released on the official website.

To install newest Opera browser simply follow these steps:

  1. Download Opera from its official website (it will download the deb installer file)
  2. To install, double click on downloaded file, then click “Install Package” button on window appeared
  3. Wait until installation completed. Now you can open Opera Browser by clicking Start Menu >> Internet >> Opera

Review Opera Browser for Linux

Opera Turbo includes Turbo 2 compression, bringing you more site compatibility when speeding up networks and more speed when watching videos online.

Web Audio API now supports proprietary codecs. Opera also now warns you if a site wants exclusive access to your MIDI devices.

Set which sites handle specific link types with the handlers section of your browser settings.

Updated support for the latest Chromium/Blink release, version 46.
Stability enhancements and bug fixes.

The Opera browser for Linux is a fast, simple and safe way to get around on the web. Download it for free here. Opera looks great, loads pages super fast and keeps you safe on the web. Do more online with Opera for Android.

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Opera is an internet browser developed by the company “Opera Software ASA”/Oslo. It is non-free software, since only binaries are made available (License).

Up to version 12, Opera made their own engine for Opera, called Presto. But 2013, they decided to re-create the browser from scratch, built on Chromium with the Blink engine. The first version of the “new Opera” was Opera 15, and the “old Opera” was discontinued. But as the new browser was built from scratch, it lost many features. Therefore, there are still many users that want to use Opera 12.