Installing USB Modem on Linux Mint / Ubuntu

Installing USB Modem on Linux Mint or Ubuntu. The real challenge is in connecting the modem to linux working machine also get it working. in this hub you’ll learn how to connect this modem to linux distro – ubuntu. the ideas introduced on this hub applies to some other linux distro but you need to find respective information from repository on your own as i will be able to’t cover installation guideline for every distro available in the market.

There are two easy methods to join USB Modem to ubuntu. First means includes installing usb-mode switch library & manually mounting the USB force

Installing USB Modem on Linux Mint / Ubuntu
Installing USB Modem on Linux Mint / Ubuntu

Step by Step Installing USB Modem on Linux

In case of ubuntu or Linux Mint you need to open synaptic package manager and download these two libraries.
– usb-modeswitch
– usb-modeswitch-data

If you’re downloading these libraries via terminal then don’t forget to install them. Once you get these two packages installed, you need to set your file manager for manual mount and run for CD and USB devices. So you have to disable the automount and autorun.

You can do that by following these instructions.
Press ALT+ F2 and type ‘ gconf-editor’ (Without the quotes)

You’ll find new window with configuration settings. Click on apps folder and then navigate to nautilus, double click on preferences directory. You’ll see some options of right hand side panel.

Uncheck the following options:
– media_automount
– media_automount_open

Check this option
– media_autorun_never

This step Installing USB Modem on Linux Mint / Ubuntu will stop ubuntu to open USB modem device as a folder and it just mounts the device when you connect to it. Now that you have everything setup, you can create configuration for this USB modem in network connections.

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You can connect to the internet by browsing this new configured profile from here. If you don’t find the modem in the list of profiles, you can reboot the machine again by keeping USB stick connected. This way you’ll find the profile in the list and you can connect easily.