How to Monitor CPU Temperature on Linux Mint Cinnamon

How to Monitor CPU Temperature on Linux Mint Cinnamon real time and directly from the Linux Panel. Linux Mint Cinnamon version using Panel by default –the Panel can contain Menu, short cut, system date, indicator, notifications, and many more.

CPU Indicator Temperature Applet for Linux Mint

CPU Indicator Temperature is an light weight applet which can show to us the current processor’s heat which is called with virtual thermal zone also PCI adapter temperature from the Panel. So we can monitor the CPU heat real time every seconds.

This CPU indicator monitoring show the number in Celcius degree. It is very easy to use and very useful, thanks to the developer.

How to Install CPU Indicator Temperature on Linux Mint

This guide is very special for Linux Mint with Cinnamon desktop. To show the CPU temperature you must to install this Applet first. Please make sure you are connected to the Internet and follow these steps to install:

Open your System Settings by clicking Start Menu >> Preferences >> System Settings >> Applets
Now you will see a window such as below:

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Click on “Available applets (online)” and type CPU Temperature Indicator,  then give a check mark on it.

See the bottom of window, click the “Install or update selected items” button. Wait until download and installation finished. Don’t close your Applets window.

Now you need to activate the indicator so it is appeared on the Panel. How to do that? Just go to “Installed applets” tab, then select the “CPU Indicator Temperature” and then again click the “Add to Panel” button.

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You have to see the CPU Indicator on your Panel now. See picture below:

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CPU Indicator Temperature Applet Review on Linux Mint

This is the light weigt indicator applet and it is showed on the Panel so anytime we can see temperature of CPU. Very soft indicator for Linux Mint Cinnamon. Have  a try!