Ways to Convert Video to Mp3 FLAC OGG Audio on Linux

The Best Way to Convert Video to Mp3 FLAC OGG Audio on Linux Mint; Do you need to extract an MP3 audio track from an MP4 or FLV video? Do you know that you can convert your media files using VLC player? Okay this is the simple and easy media conversion on Linux.

This method also can be used to convert any streamed video file into mp3 file. Beside of playing any audio and video media, the VLC Media Player also can be used as powerful converter which has graphical application which enables you to convert audio, video, image and document files between all popular formats, using and combining other programs.

The goal of VLC Media Player is to play all type of audio also video with many codec included. Because of this Linux software can be used to play any media type, the conversion also support many file type including the conversion video to audio such as mp3, flac and ogg file.

To follow this Linux Mint tutorial, we assume you have installed the VLC Media Player on your Linux. You can read install instruction of VLC Media Player Click Here!

convert video to audio convert video to audio in linux

Ways to Convert Video to Mp3 FLAC OGG Audio on Linux

Below are step by step how to convert video to mp3, ogg, or flac file easily using VLC Media Player:

  1. Open VLC Media Player (Click Start Menu >> Audio & Video >> VLC Media Player)
  2. On VLC Player window, click on Media >> Convert / Save…
  3. The “Open Media” dialog will be shown. Select the File tab, click “Add” button to add your video file to be converted later. Then click “Convert/Save” button.
  4. Now, “Convert” dialog is showed up like this:
convert video on linux
  1. On the “Profile”, select to “Audio – MP3” in order to convert your file into mp3. Also select the “Destionation” of your file by clicking “Browse” button. Give the new file name full with the extension of the file type (give the .mp3 suffix if you want to convert your file to mp3). Example: test1.mp3
  2. Click “Start” buton to start your conversion and wait until conversion completed!
This is the best way to convert any video to mp3 or anothera audio file on Linux with very easy using VLC Media Player.
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