AMD/ATI Catalyst Linux Driver Download (All Version)

AMD/ATI Catalyst Linux Driver Download (All Version)  –Download the AMD Radeon Software Linux (drivers for Radeon, FirePro, APU, desktops, laptops).

Before choosing a driver to download you need to determine if you need to install, reinstall, or update the current driver. The steps of driver installation depend on your software package, please see How to install Apps on Linux for clear tutorial of installation.

AMD/ATI Catalyst Linux Driver Download (All Version)

In Linux, you don’t need to install new driver if you feel your current Linux run perfectly! Some times your Linux CPU temperature is too high, you need to inspect it caused by what? Most answer caused by the driver which is not properly configure. So here are some reasons to install or reinstall a display driver:

  1. New install or upgrade of the operating system
  2. Resolve display issues or error messages that may be related to missing/corrupt files associated with the driver

Here are some reasons to update an existing display driver:

  1. Confirm compatibility and functionality with a newly installed graphics card
  2. Support a newly installed software i.e.; 3D games, design/productivity applications, and plug-ins
  3. Obtain bug fixes, new features, and performance improvements.​
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NOTE:  If you previously install AMD ATI driver, please consider to uninstall the driver first then do an update for the driver. Updating the graphics driver is not required even though a newer version is available.  If there are no issues with the performance of your system, software, and graphics hardware, then updating the graphics driver is not recommended.

Now that the reasons to install/reinstall or update a graphics driver have been covered.  Let us explore the available methods for locating a compatible driver on the AMD website and understand when and why to use each method.

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Where to Download AMD ATI Driver for Linux ?

All Linux version such as Linux Mint or Ubuntu has same flavor because Linux Mint derived from Ubuntu. Since Linux Mint has better looks it makes Linux Mint very popular for home and office daily use. Linux Mint offer a standard pre installed software that you need from the music multimedia to office suite, but it has standard driver which come by default.

You can install any AMD/ATI Linux Driver from here:

Please choose “Manually Select Your Driver” –you need to identify your hardware (graphic product and the type), then select the Linux version. That’s very easy, here are some product from AMD ATI:

  • APU (Accelerated Processing Unit): These are processors that combine the CPU and the graphics processor (GPU) on a single chip.  APUs are commonly used in desktop PCs, mobile notebooks, and workstation systems.  The AMD A-Series APU is an example.
  • Desktop Graphics: This technology is commonly used in home desktop PCs.  The AMD Radeon™ HD series graphics cards are examples.
  • Notebook Graphics: This technology is typically used in notebooks/laptops.  The AMD Mobility Radeon™ HD series graphics cards are examples.
  • TV Tuner Products: This refers to devices that allow desktop computers and notebooks to receive live broadcast video and HDTV content.  AMD TV Wonder™ 750 series tuner cards are examples.
  • Workstation Graphics: Workstation graphics technology is commonly found in computers used for business purposes. They are designed for use in the Computer Aided Design (CAD), Digital Content Creation (DCC) and simulation markets. AMD FirePro™ series  graphics cards is an example.
  • Integrated Motherboard Graphics: These graphics components are integrated into the motherboard of a computer system.  The AMD Radeon™ HD4290 series graphics cards are examples.
  • Embedded Graphics: This graphics technology is found in products built to deliver the high performance of desktop graphics for embedded applications often found in smaller form or thin clients.  AMD 785E and AMD 780E graphics processors are examples.
  • MAC Graphics: These are graphics products used in MAC computers.  Apple Boot Camp drivers can be found in this product category.
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