N1 – Best Mail Client for Linux, Thunderbird Alternative

Nylas N1 – Best Mail Client for Linux, Thunderbird Alternative –N1 is open source free software, licensed under GPLv3 for the mail client program. N1 is an open-source mail client built on the modern web with Electron, React, and Flux. It is designed to be extensible, so it’s easy to create new experiences and workflows around email. N1 is built on the Nylas Sync Engine which is also open source free software.

One of the key reasons we were able to develop this app quickly was that it uses the Nylas Platform APIs, powered by our open source sync engine. This moves the complexity of mailsync to the server infrastructure. N1 is compatible with the same providers as the Nylas Platform, including Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, and hundreds of others.

download and install n1 mail client linux mint. n1 mail client review -N1 - Best Mail Client for Linux, Thunderbird Alternative

N1 – Best Mail Client for Linux, Thunderbird Alternative

How is a N1 plugin different from Gmail.js or other Chrome Extensions?

Some developers have been able to extend Gmail’s interface by creating Chrome Extensions that inject new DOM nodes. This has serious drawbacks, since it only works with Gmail, it only works with Chrome, and it requires constantly reverse-engineering the minified Gmail JavaScript code.

Plugins in N1 are built on fully-supported APIs that are end-to-end tested. It’s an actual development platform with libraries, tests, UI components, and more. Check out the docs for more details.

Ways to Download / Install Nylas N1 Mail Client on Linux Mint

Nylas N1 mail client provide the deb file for easy installer on Linux Mint, all you need to do are :

  1. Go to N1 download page official website, Click Here
  2. Select the N1 deb version and wait until download completed
  3. Click twice on the downloaded file, the “Package Installer” window will appear. Click on the “Install Package” button and enter your password if prompted.
  4. Wait until installation completed. Done! For the first time usage you need to dig it.
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Now you can open N1 mail client from Nylas by clicking Start Menu >> Internet >> N1