Linux vs Other Operating Systems – I Use Linux Because

Linux vs Other Operating Systems – I Use Linux Because. Have you used Linux as your operating system? This article will explain why you should use Linux operating system not because it is free but take a look the reason why below. What’s your fear of using Linux as your operating system? We have summarize some question why some people not using Linux

They Said Linux is Just for Geeks

Linux is for everyone and distributed in many flavor such as Linux Mint, Ubuntu, and Open Suse are developed with the non-technical end user in mind, Slackware and others appeal to the more geeky ones. If you believe, now days you can install Linux Mint easier than a Windows installation , and need not to require a skill.

How Linux Handle My Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Linux can handle all the major file formats including office document format like ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, doc, docx using Libre offive. But Libre Office produce office document with odt (open document template), ods (open document spreadsheet) and odp (ODF Presentations) natively. The Linux for office software called Libre Office and it’s free also contain application suite the spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing, database, drawing, and math formula.

Linux is free, so It Sucks.

Do you know that many people not using Linux because of it is free but they use Linux because it is stable and have no virus can run under Linux. Linux is the result of contributions by millions of users from all around the world, and it is through their incessant efforts that Linux continues to be free.When you talk about Windows or Mac it’s developed by company that have to pay their employee so it is not impossible to be free!

Linux vs Other Operating Systems - I Use Linux Because
Linux vs Other Operating Systems – I Use Linux Because

Linux is Dead and Not Growing

How you can say that? Linux released every six months for Linux Mint and Ubuntu. Even with the rapid emergence of smartphones, Linux runs on many smartphones. If you don’t believed please see your smartphone or your family phone system! Based on Android? Yes it is Linux. Beside of that Linux desktop have been implemented in CERN and many big and popular company, flight system, sonar system and many more because it is stable system ever.

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I Lost My Favorite Software Which is Only Windows Based

Try look an alternative software in Linux. I recommend you are not using Wine or Play on Linux that offer capability run Windows software on Linux. Linux is so powerful and the software resources is free available. If you use software try to use software that can run on Linux. Please see here to see best Linux software 2015 here, I have summarize it for you!

How About Linux Games? I Love Running Game on My Computer

Many indie developers have started developing games for Linux, there are hundred Linux games that you can found over this website or internet. If you are love to play computer game, please use steam on Linux

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