Domain Blocker Software Linux to Block Selected Website

Ways to block any website on Linux using MintNanny Domain Blocker Software for Linux to Block Selected Website. How to block website on Linux? Here is simple ways to block selected domain for website on Linux using “Domain Blocker” so that you can control your internet access.

Mint Nanny A Linux Program to Block Website on Linux

Have you ever heard mintnanny? Mint Nanny is a Linux program which provide easy way to control what your kids are doing in the computer by blocking a few specific sites. It is blocks outgoing traffic towards chosen domain names using /etc/hosts.

Mint Nanny (from mintnanny package) is different thing from Nanny. which become very simple application that could be considered a parental control tool on Linux Mint. So, if you want a parental control tool system on Linux Mint, one that provides all the features you expect in an application of that sort, you will have to install Mint Nanny, a Linux application that is installed by default on Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa Cinnamon.

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How to Install Mint Nanny on Linux Mint

Mint Nanny have been added to Linux Mint extra repository so you can install Mint Nanny using these command on Terminal:

sudo apt-get install mintnanny

You can open Mint Nanny after install by opening  Start Menu >> Administration >> Domain Blocker then enter your password.

Please note that Mint Nanny is installed by default on Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa Cinnamon. So you don’t need to install it any more.

As an example, enter on Mint Nanny Domain Blocker, then you open your favorite Linux internet browser then enter on adress bar. The result is that your browser will refuse connection to

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Mint Nanny Review for Domain Blocker on Linux Mint

Mint Nanny provide very simple application interface and easy to use. It is good to block many unwanted website access to your computer.

Mint Nanny doesn’t meet for kids protection because it is only block your domain and you must enter the website adress manually. Please note that with Mint Nanny blocking is different than blocking, so you’d really need 2 separate entries. For https mode ypu don’t need to enter the https protocol, just enter the domain name!