How to Install Elementary OS Icon Theme on Linux Mint 17

How to Install Elementary OS Icon Theme on Linux Mint 17.x Cinnamon will be explained here. Elementary icon themes is icons which is used by default in the Elementary OS distro.

Elementary OS icons theme can be installed on your Linux Mint so will have the new icon theme with both light and dark icon theme. It is an icon theme designed to be smooth, sexy, clear, and efficient for elementary OS.

Elementary OS has desktop interface with cool icons. The design is very deliberate and extremely functional. It is something of a hybrid, though, as it is inspired by Apple’s OS X but based on Debian Ubuntu.

Some Elementary OS Icon Theme Preview

You can see Elementary OS icon theme preview here before install:


Please note that these awesome screen shoot is taken with Stylish Dark Theme for Linux Mint and using Vertex Dark “Controls” on the Themes preferences.

Some Elementary OS Icon Theme Preview elementary os icon elementary os icons elementary os icon packs elementary os icon theme elementary os icons on desktop elementary os icons ubuntu

Preview of the Elementary OS folder icon look like this:

Folder Icon Elementary OS on Linux Mint elementary os icon set elementary os icons ppa elementary os icons deviantart elementary os icon change elementary os luna icons elementary os dropbox icon elementary os change icon theme elementary os skype icon elementary os battery icon elementary os folder icons

The Elementary OS Icon for Application Mime on Linux Mint

elementary os tray icons elementary os steam icon elementary os dock icons elementary os trash icon elementary os luna icon theme elementary os add icon to desktop elementary os burg icon elementary os change folder icon elementary os luna change icons elementary os desktop icon elementary os add desktop icon elementary os luna desktop icon elementary os icons for ubuntu icon for elementary os elementary os faenza icons

Elementary icon set is default icon in Elementary OS which is provided by Danrabbit. Elementary icons offers over 7,500+ icons for Linux desktop. There are two versions of Elementary one is “Elementary” it can be used with light themes and dark themes.

Elementary OS Icon Theme Feature

  1. Tons of new -symbolic icons
  2. Emoticons
  3. Brand new folders
  4. Updated apps
  5. Less symlinks
  6. Revamped Mimetypes
  7. More icons in more sizes
  8. Merging changes from Humanity
  9. new mono icons including new monos for dark panels
  10. Better horizontal spacing for panel icons
  11. More and Better app icons

How to Install Elementary Icon Theme on Linux Mint 17.x

For you who love Elementary OS icon themes and want it to be installed on your Linux Mint, you need to add PPA from Terminal. Open your Linux Terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T then type these command.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/icons
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install elementary-icons

Setting Up Elementary OS Icon Themes on Linux Mint

After installing Elementary IS icon theme on Linux Mint, now you need to configure your Themes preferences on Linux Mint.

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Open your Themes preferences by clicking Start Menu >> Administration >> Preferences >> Themes

On the icon section, please select the “elementary” or “elementary mono dark” and you have completed this Linux Mint tutorial. See the first picture above for detail!